How you feel?

What is it that makes people so afraid to be vulnerable these days?

What is happening to us that we can’t seem to show any emotion..

        Is it fear of looking weak?

        being taken advantage of?

         or judged?

Why have we been brainwashed into thinking that it’s not okay to feel?

When did it happen for you?                

When you were hurt by the person that you thought would never hurt you, betrayed by a close friend or family member, or did you just grow weary from life’s endless stream of disappointment?

At what point do people decide to only show their “game face” for the world & nothing else?

For me, I honestly got tired of the people I care about disappointing me. So I formed the mindset that, if I don’t care they can’t hurt me. Which only hurt me in the end.

I think for a lot of us, we don’t show emotion because we don’t want to seem weak; when in reality by not showing emotion we are operating in fear.

I think the strong people are the ones that can wear their heart on their sleeve. The people that aren’t afraid of feelings & can really expose their true selves. 

We hide behind these masks every day, and I fear that we are losing the ability to turn it off. Even in our most intimate relationships, we train ourselves to always keep our composure, this “never let them see you sweat” mentality so much that when we need to show a little emotion we fail every time. 

As people we are naturally emotional beings. Which is why no matter how well you can conceal your feelings, you still experience them & there is no shame in that.   

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