The Pursuit of Happiness

Why do we go through life every day waiting for things to make us happy?
I always hear people discuss when they get a certain amount of money, the right job, or a “good relationship,” etc., then they’ll be happy. But what most people don’t realize is, even once you get all the things you’ve ever wanted, you’ll still want more. Which is why material things will never get the job done.
You cannot afford to put your happiness on layaway. Life is too short to wait for things to fall right into place to be happy. Life will never be perfect, and your “ideal situation”, is usually not a reality. So why wait?
I believe that happiness is a basic human right.
I also believe that happiness is a mindset, it comes from within you not from things that make life easier or from other people. 
Temporary things will never make you happy. 
We all have to learn to accept things for what they are & move forward. One thing that always helps me is to realize that everything happens for a reason, you may not always like it or understand, but things in your life (good or bad) happen for a reason. Learn to look on the bright side of every situation, because you always have some reason to be happy; even if it’s just something simple.

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