Staying Positive 


I think we all like to downplay the importance of staying positive and how much negativity can really effect your every day life. Allowing negativity in your life can effect your mood, health, relationships, work, pretty much everything. It’s really not even worth the trouble.

Trust me I get it, life really sucks sometimes but that doesn’t mean you have to let the bad things that happen control you.

These are just things that help me integrate more positivity in my life:

1. Be Thankful

Be grateful for EVERYTHING that you have  and don’t focus on the things you don’t. I struggle a lot with looking at what everyone else has, and how their lives just seem so perfect that I dont appreciate all that I have been blessed with. I think making the effort to step back and look at your life and really showing gratitude for the people, things, and opportunities you have makes being positive so much easier.

2. Smile (laugh) often

There is always a reason for you to smile. Find the silver lining in every situation, it’s always there.. You may have to look harder for it sometimes than others but there is always a bright side. Smiling also makes you and other people feel better, it’s contagious!

3. Feel

This one is my personal favorite F E E L. Feel everything! I think that people naturally (& for good reason) only want to feel the warm, fuzzy emotions but none of the bad. Acknowledging feelings is important because we have to recognize that we are not immune to negativity, but we don’t have to let it overcome us. So when the sadness, anger, etc comes take it in, deal with it, & find the bright side. I also think that allowing yourself to be familiar with unpleasant feelings just makes the good stuff even better.

4. Positive self talk

This one is kind of obvious, but I always have to remind myself of this. Many times I don’t think people realize how negative ideas about yourself and your capabilities can creep in without you being aware. Everyday you have to make an effort to tell yourself that you can do whatever it is you want to and actually believe it. It’s a lot easier to think that you’re not qualified enough, don’t have enough money or aren’t ready, but if you continue to tell yourself these things then you won’t ever be ready and you’re never going to go after what you want. In the same sense remember that you will have bad days, but don’t allow those to translate into negative beliefs about you as a person. Be patient with yourself and know that growth takes time, and you’ll never be perfect. “You is kind. You is smart. You is important”

5. Make the choice

Positivity is a choice. We may not always have control over what happens in life, but we can control what we do with it. Every day is a fresh start, an opportunity for you to make the decision to be a more positive person. It really only takes a few small changes. Challenge yourself to be more positive with yourself and those around you.

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