“If you knew better you’d do better”

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


-Albert Einstein

Life is all about change. Everyday we learn new things, and we use these things to navigate the world, hopefully better than we did before. Although change is necessary if we want to grow and evolve as people, it is not always easy. The problem with change is because humans tend to behave in patterns, it can get scary regardless if the results are beneficial.

Sometimes staying in a place or situation just because its comfortable, is what is inhibiting us from the things we want in life. For example, if you eat a certain food all the time, and it makes you sick would you keep eating it? No, of course not, right? What if this food is cheaper than the better food, its always available on the way to work or home? You don’t have to worry about preparation or clean up… Its the easier option, you don’t have to work for it and you always get what you expect. Its a lot harder to change now because you’ve gotten comfortable even though the food is bad for you.

It is important to always consider the bigger picture, and not the immediate desire. Think about how things line up with your short and long term goals and if they do not then you need to make a change. With the food example, if you want to exercise more often, but you always feel sleepy after eating it so you put exercising off for tomorrow, how will you ever reach the goal of exercising regularly? Chances are you won’t exercise and this will go on and on, until you make the decision to change. Because that is where change starts, not other people, not your house, job or anything else, change starts with you.


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