The importance of self care

Self care, in my opinion, is one of the most important things a person can do. Taking time out for yourself is not selfish, it’s smart. You are your own person and you must take care of yourself before you can even think about taking care of someone else.

Make time to get to know yourself and do things that will help you grow. You are worth the time; and no matter what you have to make self care a priority. When we are filled physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally we function better and remain true to ourselves.

Self care does not have to cost money or be time consuming. It can be as simple as giving yourself 5 minutes of quiet time a day.

An easy way to incorporate self care into your daily life is to use something you already like to do. For example, if you like to cook, you could turn cooking into time for yourself. Instead of making the same meal you always make, find a new recipe and really engage and focus all of your efforts into preparing that meal. Other very easy self care ideas: reading, meditating, taking a walk or a bubble bath.

There is truly a time for everything happiness, sadness, work, play, etc.; don’t get so caught up with all the things life throws at you that you forget to make time for you.

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