Here’s why Girls Love Beyoncé 



Daniel: “Every black girl that went to college likes Drake”

Issa: “He just really gets us”

Sometimes I doubt that Drake gets it, but every time I hear Girls Love Beyoncé I am reminded that Issa was right, he does get us. Also, I can’t be the only one that thinks James Fauntleroy should do an entire cover of Say My Name and if there is one out there that I don’t know about, please direct me to it.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, the real reason we are here today is to talk about the one and only, the QUEEN:


*cues air horns*

Unfortunately not everyone gets it & some people just don’t understand the Beyhive & why people go so hard for Queen Bey. If you are in that group of people I am here to bridge the gap, to provide you with a few reasons why Girls Love Beyoncé & help you get in formation too.

In my opinion Beyoncé is a living example of Black Girl Magic. The vocals, writing, dancing, work ethic, and details that go into every song, video, &  performance are unmatched. She is not afraid of the complexities of being a woman, she is not afraid of celebrating her blackness & she can do both, give you a couple twerks & maintain grace throughout all of it.

Let’s not forget to mention the fact that Beyoncé put in decades of work to reach the point that she has in her career. From losing Star Search in her first girl group to joining Destiny’s Child & losing, gaining & losing members again. To finally embarking on her solo career with her first album Dangerously in Love. To say that she is overrated is to discount the fact that this woman is far from new to the game.


Over the years Beyoncé has won 20 Grammy’s (making her the second most awarded woman of all time) with even more wins than Paul McCartney and Micheal Jackson. Just in case you don’t understand the magnitude of that: A 35 YEAR OLD BLACK WOMAN HAS WON MORE GRAMMY’S THAN ONE OF THE LEAD SINGERS OF THE BEATLES AND ARGUABLY THE GREATEST PERFORMER OF ALL TIME. If we look at just nominations, she’s at a record 53, which is the most for any woman ever. Also, it’s important to mention that she has only released six full length studio albums, so that’s 53 Grammy nominations for only SIX albums & that’s only the Grammy’s not to mention countless nominations and awards from BET, MTV, Billboard, American Music Awards, ASCAP, the list could go on and on.

Although Beyoncé started out in the music business at a very young age, she has remained relevant and been able to maintain the integrity of her music in the streaming era.

In 2014, she dropped a surprise, self titled album that left us all in disarray.  Earlier this year, she took over HBO to premier her visual album, Lemonade, which she co-wrote, produced, and starred in; teaming up with various big name artists including: James Blake, Jack White, The Dream, Just Blaze, etc. Preluding Lemonade, Bey shut down the 2016 Super Bowl, to inform us all that she came to slay, all day! With dancers dressed as Black Panthers, showing the world that it was time to get and stay in formation. Directly after the Lemonade premier, Beyoncé released dates for her Formation World Tour, selling out stadiums around the world to provide her fans with the singing, dancing, and visuals that we love.

(Fun fact: She also has an all female band)

Beyoncé’s greatness doesn’t stop at music, not only has she had numerous fragrances and a clothing line. She also has her own management company, Parkwood Entertainment, which supports young, emerging, artists including one of my favorite duos: ChloexHalle. In spring of 2016, she launched her fitness line, Ivy Park, that can be found in Top Shop and Nordstrom stores around the world.

If you don’t quite get it yet….

on top of all that she’s a wife and a mother.

To sum it up Girls Love Beyoncé because she is living proof that we can do anything. She has broken every glass ceiling imaginable and she ain’t even done yet, at least I hope not.

If you haven’t noticed I looooove Beyoncé and personally keep a Beyonce’ reference handy at all times, because you really just never know.


Hopefully if you’ve gotten all the way to the end of this you share or at least understand our love for Bey, and are even considering joining the hive.

P.S. Spread some love today 🙂


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