Happy Birthday to the extraordinary , beautiful, amazing, graceful, intelligent, “Michelle Lauvaughn Robinson, girl of the south side”, first black woman to slay in the White House, the one & only Michelle Obama!

Let’s be real, Michelle Obama is the GOAT. I’m extremely disappointed to see her leave the White House, but I know that her reign is far from over.

    These are just a few of the countless reasons why I love Michelle Obama

She is one of the most educated first ladies of all time; a double Ivy League grad, with a B.A in Sociology from Princeton and a J.D from Harvard law.

Before making her mark on the White House, Michelle Obama started her career in corporate law at a firm where she actually advised Barack when he was a summer intern. If you’re at all curious about their first date, you should definitely see the movie Southside with you with Tika Sumpter & Parker Sawyers. Michelle eventually left corporate law to devote her time to the public sector, working as the assistant to the Mayor and later the assistant commissioner for the city of Chicago. Later she went on to work for the University of Chicago up until President Obama’s inauguration.

Michelle Obama’s public service was notable well before becoming first lady, and her emergence into that role was far from a plateau. During her time in the white house she has spearheaded campaigns promoting healthy families, higher education, education for girls around the world, and supporting service members and families.

In order to bring focus to health, wellness, and the epidemic of childhood obesity in our country; Michelle planted a garden on the White House lawn, which led to the culmination of the Let’s Move initiative focused on promoting affordable, healthy eating and physical activity among youth. Let’s Move led to more nutritional public school lunches, more physical activity in schools, and the transition to MyPlatean easy to understand guide to healthy eating and proper nutrition.

Another major Michelle Obama campaign is the 2015 Let Girls Learn initiative, created to combat the barriers faced when girls in other countries attempt to attain education. Not only does she encourage girls to get an education, she also pushes them to go after the fields with low representation of females.


So she’s incredibly smart, hardworking, encourages us all to attain quality education, eat healthy, and exercise. Flotus also happens to be an eloquent and captivating speaker. Her speeches over the years have been quoted and referenced countless times, and every time she stands up to a microphone we are in for a treat.


Michelle’s greatness is truly eternal, all the previously mentioned accomplishments plus she is one of the most fashionable first ladies this country has ever witnessed. She has been seen wearing high fashion designers like Alexander McQueen and Jason Wu and has graced covers of Vogue, Instyle, Glamour, and Essence countless times.

One of my favorite things about Michelle is that even though she is the first lady of the United States, she is still relatable and is not afraid to have fun.


Michelle Obama is an all around QUEEN and she sprinkles her Black Girl Magic all over the world with even more swag than this guy:

I am so honored to call her my first lady and extremely happy that I have gotten to witness her time in the white house.

Happy Birthday Flotus & thanks for being the role model I never knew I needed. ❤️

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