Letter to my 18 year old self

Dear Jasmine,

My sweet, innocent, naive girl. I wish that I could tell you that your college years and early 20s will be the happiest & most magical moments of your life. While these were some of the richest moments of your life, they were also some of the poorest, in more ways than one. You will experience heartbreak, betrayal, and a deep sense of loss. Loss of self, loss of direction, and loss of things you were once sure of. On the other hand you will gain so much more awareness, clarity, and love for yourself which is something that until recently you didn’t even know you had been searching for your whole life. I know that by this point you thought you would have life all figured out, but you don’t & I don’t think you ever will. What you have figured out is inner peace and pure love, and you strive to reflect divinity for other people every day. That my dear is worth all the pain, all of your worst moments, and every single struggle you thought you wouldn’t survive. I love you so much. 

P.s If you ever find yourself lost again, remember to look within.

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