Energy Preservation for Empaths


Dear Empath,

Your deep sense of intuition and awareness is a beautiful gift, your ability to join others in their feelings is extremely precious and valuable. While all of this is wonderful, always remember; the ability to hold space for others’ energy is a gift, not an obligation. There is no situation that requires you to take on other people’s thoughts, feelings, or energy. You are not obligated to step into other people’s reality. As an empath your primary responsibility is you; it is important that you take care of yourself and protect your energy so that you don’t lose yourself in the midst of others.

  1. Personal Boundaries

Learn how to say no to things you know in your heart you don’t want to do. Be aware how much alone time you need to function optimally. Be clear about activities, conversations, people and places you will and won’t give energy to. Having clear boundaries is important for empaths because it lowers the chances of you being in vulnerable situations.

2. Mindfulness

Create a personal mindfulness practice so that you become an observer of your own thoughts and feelings. It can be as simple as 5 minutes of quiet time, mental/emotional check ins with yourself throughout the day, or tuning in to your senses when you get a spare moment. Having a regular mindfulness practice makes it easier to determine your energy from someone else’s and will prevent you from being pulled into someone else’s world.

3. Follow your bliss

As cliche as it sounds, it is extremely important for empaths to know what soothes them. What activities calm you? Where do you go to reset and recharge? How do you return to your center? In these busy times, we all need time to come back to self. When you have busy days, weeks or months you need to have practices in place to bring you back to your calm, grounded self. Empaths are far more susceptible to taking on other people’s energy if we are tired or haven’t had enough time for ourselves. Create a plan for yourself with various activities you can do to reconnect with your core in those times of exhaustion. Some ideas for recharging activities include: herb or salt baths, hiking, swimming, spending time in nature, and quality sleep.

 Do you have tips on protecting yourself  as an empath? Feel free to share in the comments below!


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