DIY facial routine

Weekly at home facials have become a staple in my self-care routine. Since starting this practice I get a lot of compliments on the state of my skin. Overall this has helped with moisture, clearing blemishes, and giving my skin a natural glow.

Here’s a walk through of my routine:

Products used

1. Earthkiss: Pore Cleanse Mud Mask

2. Trader Joe’s: Rose Water Facial Spray

3. Earthkiss: Revitalise Bamboo Sheet Mask

4. Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil

*I found the Earthkiss products at Sprouts for $2, the Rose Water spray is $4 at Trader Joe’s, and I get my coconut oil from ALDI for $4.

The Virtue of Doubt Review

The Virtue of Doubt is a new, original book by Jillian Richardson, a self published author and professional therapist.

I am so glad I have been able to experience this book. Not only is it a classic, beautifully conceptualized piece of literature, it also features unique artwork by jry_designs.

Reading this was like taking a journey through the African diaspora. In the book, Richardson addresses the feeling of being black in America, the silencing of women in a patriarchal society, the voyage of two lovers trying to find their way, and many other topics relevant to us today.

This is a true work of art and I think everyone will take away something different from reading it.

If you are interested in having the book for yourself, Kindle versions are available for 99 cents, and FREE if you have Kindle unlimited.

Click here: Virtue of Doubt to get your copy today!

You owe it to yourself to experience this book.