Energy Preservation for Empaths

  Dear Empath, Your deep sense of intuition and awareness is a beautiful gift, your ability to join others in their feelings is extremely precious and valuable. While all of this is wonderful, always remember; the ability to hold space for others' energy is a gift, not an obligation. There is no situation that requires you to take on other… Continue reading Energy Preservation for Empaths

Let it burn

Automatic negative thoughts or ANTs are patterns of thinking that play in the back of our minds, sometimes without any acknowledgement or awareness. Most people’s negative thoughts originate from difficult life experiences and they become mantras for how we operate, especially in stressful situations. ANTs skew attention to the negative and impact the way we… Continue reading Let it burn

Marriage & Equality

    For better or for worse, till death do us part, love and marriage, the cornerstone #relationshipgoals for centuries. It has been said that for millennials, marriage is happening less often and later than previous generations. How do those stats stack up when broken down for race? According to, in 2014 29% of… Continue reading Marriage & Equality