New year, new direction

Happy New Year friends!

I am starting a new project called Journal Thursday, where I will create digital journal pages with different prompts, questions, and challenges. The pages will be posted on Instagram and here weekly.

I’m starting this project primarily because I want to be more engaged and authentic with my social media presence.

In other news, I am looking to make changes to the way I blog and share information on this site. I want to focus a little more on photography and visuals so I will be sharing more things along those lines. I hope that you all find this content useful and we can grow together.

With all that being said, here’s the first Journal Thursday


Design Your Life: Part IV

Goal Setting
Design Your Life2018 (2)

We have officially made it to 2018! First I would like to say congratulations for making it another year. Although this series has been all about setting goals for the next year, remember the most important thing you can do in 2018 is be fully present in every moment.

Now its time to discuss the final part of the Design Your Life Series, its all about setting goals that are relevant and realistic for you.

If you have followed along in the series, you should have a map or picture of where you want to go next in your life. So at this point setting the actual goals should be fairly easy because you have an outline to work with.

In order to set the right goals for you, revisit the previous parts of the series, review the bigger picture of what you want and list out your goals for the year according to that.

Some questions you can ask to help with setting your goals include: What are the things I have to do for 2018 to be a successful year? What are the most important things I would like to accomplish this year? What are 1 or 2 things I’ve always wanted to do, but have not made a priority?

Some tips for setting goals:

  1. Be realistic
  2. Set goals that make you excited
  3. Think less is more, try not to set too many large goals for the year. A goal can be as simple as calling a loved one once a week.
  4. Make as many time sensitive goals as possible, it helps with accountability
  5. Remember, time flies
  6. Set at least one goal for every area of your life
  7. Try not to over extend yourself
  8. Set checkpoints throughout the year to keep you accountable and make adjustments as necessary
  9. Have your goals written somewhere that you can access easily (journal, cell phone, etc)
  10. Don’t be hard on yourself, as important as having goals are, it is just as important to remember we have limited control over what happens. If you don’t accomplish something, don’t beat yourself up about it, just keep swimming.

I hope you all enjoyed this series and are looking forward to more on the blog! I have so many ideas that I’m excited to share with you all!

Happy New Year!!!

Design Your Life 2018: Part III

Free Yourself

Design Your Life2018 (1)

Part 3 of the Design Your Life 2018 series is all about letting go. In parts one and two we solidified what we want out of life and where we’re trying to go. In order to manifest those desires there are some things that will need to be shed.

This part of the series is titled “free yourself” because we are going to do just that. Whether its a habit, a mindset about a certain thing, an unhealthy relationship, unfulfilling job, unnecessary debt, clothes you no longer wear, whatever! Before you walk into 2018 there are things that need to be severed, ended, and/or shed in order for you to move to the next level.

For some people it will be easy to identify the things that are simply taking up space in our lives, for others the discernment process takes a little more effort.

If you are having trouble getting clear on the things you need to let go of, the first thing you can do is revisit your lists from part one and part two and notice what things take up time or space in your life, but were not mentioned in your life visioning or personal mission statement. Chances are, in doing so, you’ll find some things you need to let go.

Another way to determine areas of your life that need pruning are to ask yourself questions: What are the things in my life that drain me? What are the activities I always dread doing? What are the tasks,places, or people that no matter what always leave me feeling negative? What are things that I typically forget about on a daily basis? What areas of my life are more complicated than they should be? What areas of my life have I wanted to make changes in for an extended period of time? Why has it taken me so long to make necessary changes/removals from my life? If I woke up and the biggest issues in my life were fixed, what would that look like?

For me personally, the things I need to let go of deal with my state of mind, because I struggle with a mentality of lack in many areas of my life. 2017 has been a year of transition for me and I have discovered, even with all the changes in my life, I find myself paying more attention to things I have not done or don’t have rather than being grateful for the present. Going into 2018 this is something I am focusing on ending, if you have similar struggles this exercise is perfect for challenging unhelpful thoughts.

Be on the look out for the finale: Goal Setting

Design Your Life: Part I


One of the reasons so many New Year’s Resolutions fail is because we tend to create goals without a larger vision in mind.

This part of the Design Your Life series will highlight life visioning, which is the process of deciding what you want your life to look and feel like. We will dissect how to create a vision for your life that will make you want to jump out of bed every morning.

My Personal Experience

For majority of my life, I just floated through allowing things to happen to me, not paying attention to signs of where the universe was trying to guide me. I had goals and an idea of what I wanted to be when I “grew up” but most of them were not truly mine and had very shallow reasoning behind them. In 2015, I went through a terrible breakup, and looking back I was depressed as a result. I was journaling at the time and only writing about how sad and heartbroken I was. Outside of that, I was a full time student, unsure of what I wanted out of a career and working a part time job that I hated. One day I was reading through my journal and realized how all I focused on was my sadness, and decided I needed to make some changes. In that moment, I threw that journal away, got a new one and decided I was taking my life into my own hands. That decision brought about a curiosity in spirituality, personal development, and mindfulness.

I got to a point where I realized how much power I possess and all that I am capable of. I understood how much my mindset was impacting my entire life and how I allowed self limiting beliefs to prevent me from making so many moves in my life. Instead of focusing on my sadness and lack of partner, I started to focus on what I wanted in my life. I had desires to have a healthier lifestyle, to be more emotionally free, to be more accepting of myself and most of all I wanted to learn how to truly love and take care of myself. I was life visioning without knowing it, by focusing on what I wanted instead of things I was unhappy about. As a result, I now have a life that looks and feels completely different than it did two years ago.

Because of these desires, I made better choices with the food that I ate, the media I consumed, the people I spent time with, the opportunities I pursued, where I spent money, etc. The process of life visioning brought me to a higher level of consciousness, to the point that now I ensure that anything I do happens only after a check in with self. I am at a point where I live a life that I am truly proud of, not a perfect life, but one that I am extremely happy with and have worked hard for. I share my personal story to encourage and inspire others to do the exact same thing.

Live your best life, don’t just use is as a hashtag

So how do you create a vision for your life?

Tune in with self, don’t be afraid of being alone and silent with your thoughts because this is how you tap into your innermost desires. Ask yourself questions; examples include: How do you want to feel? What kinds of people do you want to interact with? Where do you want to live? What kind of career do you want? What kinds of food do you want to eat? How do you want to style yourself? What kinds of things do you want to do in your spare time? What kinds of vacations do you want to take? What do you want your friendships and relationships to be like? What do you want to be known for?

Ask yourself these questions, brainstorm, truly sit and visualize the life you want. Breakdown the questions to the minor details. For example If you want to make dietary changes instead of saying “I want to eat healthy” you could say something like: I want to eat a diet rich in various fruits and vegetables, lean protein, complex carbohydrates, limiting refined sugars and highly processed foods. I want to eat meals like seared salmon, with baked sweet potatoes, and grilled asparagus or egg white omelettes and fresh fruit smoothies. Notice how approaching your life vision in this manner, with detail and refinement, provides a much clearer picture of what you want.

Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and questions below!

Be on the lookout for Part 2: Personal Mission Statement