Journey to 26-Day 8

So I’ve decided to give up junk food.

I do home visits for work, which makes it really easy to stop at fast food restaurants or gas stations and grab the absolute worse things to eat. I’ve gotten into a habit of getting french fries or potato chips when I’m out and about. Waffle fries and Chik-fil-a sauce happen to be my weakness, I also loooove hot Cheetos & anything sweet.

It never fails, the more often I eat junk food, the more often I can justify it to myself.

“If I have these chips I know I’m going to want something sweet after (grabs oatmeal cream pie); there’s no need to spend $3 on this small pint of ice cream when I can get the gallon for $2.”

I like to pride myself on being healthy and when it comes to meals, I eat high quality foods; but I have a weakness for terrible snacks in between. I like to allow wiggle room for cheat foods every once in a while, but the regularity in which I’ve allowed myself to eat things that aren’t actually food doesn’t sit well with me.

I am of the belief that the things we consume are energy and through eating certain things we are telling the universe what we desire in our lives. I never feel good about myself after leaving a drive thru and though the foods are good in the moment, I never feel good after I’m finished. While I think we should be able to enjoy guilty pleasures, it should be occasionally not a habitual pattern. Since I have fallen into that space, I’m cutting out all the bs, cold turkey (holds back tears). I really love potato chips y’all.

Hopefully this will transition into long term healthier snack choices.

If you have tips for picking up the yogurt instead of ice cream in the store, leave them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading day 8, see you tomorrow!

Stress Less

Practical tips for managing stress

We all have stress that comes up from time to time, it’s normal and there are many ways to deal with it. Stress can have a negative impact on our health and well being, so being able to manage and find ways to lessen stress in our lives is crucial. Below are some of the ways I have found to minimize the amount of overall stress I experience.

1. State your needs in the moment

This is something I struggle with, but the few times I actually had the courage to do it, I felt very empowered. Being able to say what you need in the moment strengthens your communication with others and prevents you from being upset and ruminating later. We often have the misconception that other people can read our minds, but that is not the case. No one is going to know what you’re thinking, feeling, or how to meet your needs if you don’t say it. Training myself to do this has been extremely beneficial and lessened moments of confusion about if I handled an interaction properly.

2. Have clear boundaries

If you want to be a healthy person you must have boundaries. Similar to the previous point, when you are clear about what is comfortable for you and what is not it results in clarity for all parties involved. I think oftentimes we aren’t vocal about our boundaries and allow them to be crossed, then get mad at other people for not knowing. You can not expect other people to uphold your boundaries. You have to 1. understand your personal boundaries and 2. be confident enough to enforce them with those around you.

3. Make time for yourself

Self care has become a trendy topic, while it’s great that it’s in the mainstream conversation it is important that we actually put it into practice. Let’s be real, it’s 2018 and we’re all busy. As adults, there are a lot of things to manage in our daily lives, which is not an easy task. For many of us, this automatically results in unhealthy eating, poor sleeping habits and just a general lack of me time. I think it’s natural for us to waver with self care when our schedules are hectic. The problem is doing so can be detrimental to our health. Not giving yourself time to rest, in whatever way you need to makes it harder for you to function optimally. No matter what, make sure you are penciling in time to sleep, take long baths, read, create, spend time with loved ones, get outside, do what you need to recharge regardless of how busy you are.

4. Develop healthy relationships

They say that you are a combination of the five people you spend the most time with. This makes the exchange of energy between us and those around us extremely important. Having strong relationships with people that think highly of you and want you to succeed (and vice versa) can have a positive impact on our daily lives. Sometimes when we are caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to lose track of where we’ve been and where we’re going. Having people around you that will be there to hold up the mirror and remind you of your greatness is crucial, because we all have those moments in life.

5. Be comfortable with the present

This might seem silly to some, but one of my goals for 2018 was “live in the moment”; which makes this tip one that I’m really focusing on in my own life. It is easy to feel as though we have not done or are not doing enough. I often find myself caught up in thinking about my potential and all the things I want to experience, and eventually overwhelm myself by getting stuck in my head. I am now making a conscious decision to not only be present, but be content with whatever the present is. I deal with things as they come and allow everything else to fall into place. Does that mean I never get anxious with thinking about a million things that have nothing to do with right now? Of course not I’m human, but now I have specific grounding activities I can do in those moments to bring myself back. I’m planning on doing a post about anxiety to give insight on some of these practices. An easy way to do it for yourself is to think of the times in your life that you are fully in the moment. When you have 3-5 activities, find ways that you can work them into your day and create reminders for when you’re having a moment of difficulty.

What are some of your go-to strategies for managing stress? Feel free to comment them below!