Journey to 26-Day 6

I’ve been working extra lately, trying to make rent & pay the rest of a trip I’m taking next month. It you’d like to help with these efforts, you can visit my Etsy shop & purchase a copy of the Design Your Life journal or photo prints! 🙂 The Journal is a more comprehensive workbook version of the Design Your Life series I did back in December.

Basically because of the extra time I’ve been working, I’ve had less time for self care. I generally do facials once a week, but didn’t have time for it this weekend. Additionally I try to workout at least 4 times a week but slacked on that last week as well. So today, when I was preparing myself for the day I almost forfeited my normal routine to go rush here and there and take care of responsibilities. I decided that it would be more beneficial for me to make sure my cup is full before leaving the house. I did some Pilates, took my dog on a long walk and spent some extra time washing my hair in the shower and it felt great. My takeaway from all this is there’s ALWAYS time for self care.

I didn’t have time to do my facial before I left the house, so I left a little reminder for myself for when I got home.

Which is a really good tip for making sure you’re engaging in self care. Set reminders for yourself around your home, workspace or even on your phone. It can be as simple as reminders to take a deep breath. Self care isn’t always easy or natural to practice regularly, give yourself cues wherever and whenever you can.

Design Your Life Journal Coming Soon!

(My journals from March 2016-present)

Journaling has become a big part of my life in the last few years. It is literally the primary way I stay sane.

With a consistent journal practice I have been able to organize my feelings, identify and work through negative patterns, manifest more positivity and alignment, and really get to know and understand myself.

Throughout life, we get ideas, thought and behavior patterns given to us, but how often do we sit back and assess what is actually ours? Journaling gave me that clarity and a space to unlearn things that were no longer serving me. Making it a daily priority to write down everything I was thinking, feeling, and desiring has given me a sense of power over my life that I had lost. Journaling has allowed me to confront all of my darkness, push through it and release things that were never mine to begin with.

Because of the wealth of joy and healing journaling has given to me, I wanted to create that same experience for others. The Design Your Life journal is a 4 part workbook that aims to help others deepen their relationship with self and align with their true desires.

I’m very excited to share this! Digital and physical copies will be available later this month.

Design Your Life:Part II

 Design Your Life2018

Now that you have a detailed vision for your life, it’s time to compile your core values in order to develop a personal mission statement.

I’m currently reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey and this part of the Design Your Life Series is influenced by the chapter on Habit 2. The focus of habit 2 is “begin with the end in mind.” In the chapter, Covey discusses how to draft a personal mission statement based on principles that are most important to you. Overall it’s a great read and I encourage you to read it if you have not.

A personal mission statement is basically a creed that provides a birds eye view of your life or the life you want. I decided this was the perfect follow up to part 1, because often when completing life visioning you will notice trends in your desires. When I conducted the process the overall themes for me were health, mindfulness, and love. In every area of my life those components were the underlying thread of what I wanted.

How to: revisit your life vision, notice any words you repeat or patterns you notice. From the vision you created answer the following questions: Based on this vision, what values are most important to me? What areas of life do I find most significant? If I could describe my life in a few sentences what would that be?

Now that you have answered those questions it should be fairly easy to develop a personal mission statement. You can create it in paragraph form, a few short sentences, or just a quick blurb of the life you want. For Example, I desire to have a well rounded healthy, active lifestyle. I want to spend my time serving others and cultivating relationships grounded in truth and love. I will devote time to my family, friends and personal development. I will take care of myself with the same generosity that I give to others. I will always make time for having fun and engaging in creative endeavors. I will share my successes and failures to those around me in hopes of helping others with their own progression.

If you feel like creating a personal mission statement is too intimidating, just focus on the year 2018. You can still revisit your life vision and develop a mantra based on the year.

Be on the lookout for Part III: Free Yourself

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