Journey to 26-Day 12

I forgot to post yesterday, & I’m actively trying not to beat myself up about it. I’m just going to keep going.

Yesterday was the new moon in Leo, I did my moon rituals and I felt more energized this morning than I have in at least a week.

Insecure season 3 premiers tonight, and I’m feeling very excited about that. If you haven’t watched Insecure, you definitely should it’s funny, relatable, and they tackle a lot of societal topics all of us are faced with daily.

I’ve been practicing slow living in small ways recently. When I can, I wake up slowly and get out of bed when my body is ready. I sit on the couch to enjoy my daily cup of green tea, instead of gulping it down with breakfast or on the go. I’ve re-introduced long walks with my dog instead of 5 minutes spurts before I have to be out of the door. I even swung by the bark park at my apartment complex today.

Both of us are grateful for this new found commitment to slowness.

Slowing down, even in the smallest ways has shown me that there is more than enough time. There is enough time for you to pour into yourself, your relationships, and everything else you want to do.

It’s easy to get caught up in constantly being on the go, but there is so much beauty in living slowly.

Journey to 26- Day 7

I’ve made it an entire week!

Seeing as how I was not sure what I was even thinking when I got the idea to do this, I feel accomplished.

I was actually looking forward to writing tonight, and these daily posts have become a staple in my night routine.

This is serving as some serious self-care and emotional processing for me, it is also helping to ease anxiety and diminish perfectionism. I don’t feel the need for these posts to be anything other than where I am when I sit to write them and it feels nice, honest,Β real.

I hope that at least one of these post have been helpful to you, and I pray that you continue along this journey with me.

Thank you for your time.

P.S. this does not have to be a one-sided conversation, I would love comments, some love on Instagram, or an e-mail



Journey to 26-Day 3

I almost forgot to write today, but lo and behold I am here! Commitment issues be gone! πŸ™‚

Today was a good day, but a little strange. Not because of anything that occurred, but because of something that didn’t.

I am naturally an extremely anxious person, I worry constantly about everything. Things that have already happened, things that could happen, things that more than likely will never happen. So for me, on the days when I don’t feel anxious I notice it’s absence like forgetting to put on earrings. Today was one of those days, although I have plenty of things to be anxious about I wasn’t. Today I was settled, I could breathe easily, I was just here. For that I am grateful.

If you have tips on managing anxiety, I would love to hear about them in the comments.

Otherwise, see you all tomorrow for Day 4.

Etsy shop open + Design Your Life giveaway!

I have FINALLY done it.

After a months of planning and procrastinating, my Etsy shop Jazzieannart is officially open.

In the shop you will find, digital and physical copies of the Design Your Life Journal as well as art prints.

With the opening of the shop I wanted to do an exclusive giveaway for blog followers. One winner will receive a copy of the Design Your Life journal (digital or physical, winner’s choice).

If you are not selected, stay tuned because I will do more giveaways in the future! πŸ™‚

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is go to my Instagram, like and leave a comment discussing what you love about journaling on this post.

The winner will be selected and notified on July 25 via Direct Message on Instagram.

Design Your Life Journal Coming Soon!

(My journals from March 2016-present)

Journaling has become a big part of my life in the last few years. It is literally the primary way I stay sane.

With a consistent journal practice I have been able to organize my feelings, identify and work through negative patterns, manifest more positivity and alignment, and really get to know and understand myself.

Throughout life, we get ideas, thought and behavior patterns given to us, but how often do we sit back and assess what is actually ours? Journaling gave me that clarity and a space to unlearn things that were no longer serving me. Making it a daily priority to write down everything I was thinking, feeling, and desiring has given me a sense of power over my life that I had lost. Journaling has allowed me to confront all of my darkness, push through it and release things that were never mine to begin with.

Because of the wealth of joy and healing journaling has given to me, I wanted to create that same experience for others. The Design Your Life journal is a 4 part workbook that aims to help others deepen their relationship with self and align with their true desires.

I’m very excited to share this! Digital and physical copies will be available later this month.

Stress Less

Practical tips for managing stress

We all have stress that comes up from time to time, it’s normal and there are many ways to deal with it. Stress can have a negative impact on our health and well being, so being able to manage and find ways to lessen stress in our lives is crucial. Below are some of the ways I have found to minimize the amount of overall stress I experience.

1. State your needs in the moment

This is something I struggle with, but the few times I actually had the courage to do it, I felt very empowered. Being able to say what you need in the moment strengthens your communication with others and prevents you from being upset and ruminating later. We often have the misconception that other people can read our minds, but that is not the case. No one is going to know what you’re thinking, feeling, or how to meet your needs if you don’t say it. Training myself to do this has been extremely beneficial and lessened moments of confusion about if I handled an interaction properly.

2. Have clear boundaries

If you want to be a healthy person you must have boundaries. Similar to the previous point, when you are clear about what is comfortable for you and what is not it results in clarity for all parties involved. I think oftentimes we aren’t vocal about our boundaries and allow them to be crossed, then get mad at other people for not knowing. You can not expect other people to uphold your boundaries. You have to 1. understand your personal boundaries and 2. be confident enough to enforce them with those around you.

3. Make time for yourself

Self care has become a trendy topic, while it’s great that it’s in the mainstream conversation it is important that we actually put it into practice. Let’s be real, it’s 2018 and we’re all busy. As adults, there are a lot of things to manage in our daily lives, which is not an easy task. For many of us, this automatically results in unhealthy eating, poor sleeping habits and just a general lack of me time. I think it’s natural for us to waver with self care when our schedules are hectic. The problem is doing so can be detrimental to our health. Not giving yourself time to rest, in whatever way you need to makes it harder for you to function optimally. No matter what, make sure you are penciling in time to sleep, take long baths, read, create, spend time with loved ones, get outside, do what you need to recharge regardless of how busy you are.

4. Develop healthy relationships

They say that you are a combination of the five people you spend the most time with. This makes the exchange of energy between us and those around us extremely important. Having strong relationships with people that think highly of you and want you to succeed (and vice versa) can have a positive impact on our daily lives. Sometimes when we are caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to lose track of where we’ve been and where we’re going. Having people around you that will be there to hold up the mirror and remind you of your greatness is crucial, because we all have those moments in life.

5. Be comfortable with the present

This might seem silly to some, but one of my goals for 2018 was “live in the moment”; which makes this tip one that I’m really focusing on in my own life. It is easy to feel as though we have not done or are not doing enough. I often find myself caught up in thinking about my potential and all the things I want to experience, and eventually overwhelm myself by getting stuck in my head. I am now making a conscious decision to not only be present, but be content with whatever the present is. I deal with things as they come and allow everything else to fall into place. Does that mean I never get anxious with thinking about a million things that have nothing to do with right now? Of course not I’m human, but now I have specific grounding activities I can do in those moments to bring myself back. I’m planning on doing a post about anxiety to give insight on some of these practices. An easy way to do it for yourself is to think of the times in your life that you are fully in the moment. When you have 3-5 activities, find ways that you can work them into your day and create reminders for when you’re having a moment of difficulty.

What are some of your go-to strategies for managing stress? Feel free to comment them below!