Journey to 26-Day 21

I’ve been thinking a lot about faith lately.

What does it mean to have unwavering faith?

I often tell myself things like “everything will be okay” “the universe has your back” & “everything happens for a reason” during moments of anxiety. Telling myself these cliches along with other practices are helpful on tough days, but sometimes I wonder how strong my faith really is.

I question this because anytime I encounter a crisis (minor or major) I experience a familiar anxiety. I feel like if I truly believe I am fully supported, am I to face these times with calm or is it completely normal, no matter how strong your faith is to freak out from time to time?

This is for sure more of an existential crisis (which happens a lot for me), but either way I want to get stronger in my faith. One way that I reassure myself when I feel uneasy is to reflect on everything I’ve been through up until this point, sometimes I feel like I’ve lived multiple lives because I’ve had so many different experiences.

Above all I want to feel sure that I am on the right path and trust the messages I’m receiving from God without needing proof first.

Moon Rituals

My personal new moon practice and tips for creating your own moon ritual.

There was a time when humans relied heavily on the solar system to help us understand and make sense of the world. Unfortunately, in modern society, we are heavily disconnected from nature and most of us never take the time to look up at the night sky. Not to mention, the vast majority of people live in major cities, so looking up would not do much for us anyway.

Although we have strayed from being influenced by nature, there is still so much for us to learn from the natural world. Spending time outdoors in general is beneficial for everyone, but making a conscious effort to connect with the cycles and rhythms of nature can aid in fostering a deep connection with the world around us.

One easy way to develop your connection with nature and align with the ebbs and flows of the universe is to be aware of moon phases and create personal moon rituals.

Every month, the moon goes through 28 day cycles and each phase of the moon can call for different energy and intentions.

moon phasesMoon Phases Infographic via Pinterest

There are various types of moon rituals you can do at any point in the cycle. When developing your own, I encourage you to try different techniques, research and find what speaks to your desires.

I chose to do my rituals at the new moon, because that is a time of renewal and intention setting. I have found that my practice serves as a mid month reset. It provides me with a specific time every month to review, recharge, and realign with my purpose, desires and direction.

Below are my personal rituals for the new moon, in the order that I do them.

Prepare my space

Having a clean home is important to me, because it makes me feel good. During a new moon I ensure my home is clean and tidy as I go into the new phase. Even if you don’t try any of the other practices, clean your home around the time of a new moon just to see if it does anything for you.


Smudging was one of the first practices I tried for clearing old energy and it has become a staple in my new moon practice. I like to smudge my home by burning sage, with the door open and just going through my home letting the smoke wash over every space. When I smudge I do it quietly or while listening to soothing music. I also set intentions for my space and energy with the shift of the new moon. Palo Santo is also a great to use for smudging.

Crystal Cleansing

I like to keep various crystals on my nightstand, for aesthetic and energetic purposes. At each new moon, I clean them by running them under cool water and setting them outside overnight. As I am placing them outside, I set intentions and what I want to receive from each one.

Tarot Reading

This is the most recent practice I have tried, so I am still in the learning phase. Tarot is something I became interested in about a year ago, and researched heavily. I decided to purchase a deck and have started doing readings for myself regularly. With my new moon ritual, I do two different readings depending on how I’m feeling. I either pick one card from my deck and meditate on it or I do a classic five card spread.

If you have additional questions about any of the individual practices mentioned, feel free to leave a comment, or contact me via email or Instagram.